Broker Search
Houston, TX

Lauren Greer opened Broker Search in February of 1996. After spending the first few years of her career at a small independent recruiting firm, she recognized a need in the industry to partner with a few select clients to support them in achieving their recruiting goals. Additionally, potential candidates were looking for a professional recruiter with the ability to coach them through a major career decision.  

As a tenured recruiter, I bring a depth of industry knowledge to your overall recruiting experience that comes from years and years of talking with Advisors and coaching them through every step of a well planned move. I will work with you to determine if my clients offer the right fit for your practice and I will stay in touch throughout the recruiting process to discuss the outcome of your meetings with the Manager, the local branch, the offer, and preparing for a transition. As this industry continues to evolve, you never know when the need will arise to make a change for you and your clients. Fortunately our industry values recruiting successful advisors as a top priority therefore you are encouraged to evaluate your options even if you are just curious. Knowledge is power and it allows you to control your destiny.

​Lauren Greer
Direct Line: 281.353.6256